Balanced Arms

ASPIRMIG balanced arms are the ideal solution for workplace ergonomics, and for accident prevention safety, they keep the torch lifted off the floor, always stretched out and within easy reach, thus improving wire sliding and operability. In doing so there is also a wider working field and a marked increase in production as well as a strong reduction in discontinuities.

Balanced Arms Minergo

Braccio Minergo

In this animation it is possible to see the operation of the balanced arm which in this case only acts as a torch holder and is mounted on a Compact type generator (with built-in wire feeder). Its operating sensitivity is such that just pulling or releasing the torch is sufficient to accompany the operator in any movement. Working range 9m

Balanced Arms Midergo

In this animation it is possible to see the functioning of the balanced arm which in this case, in addition to supporting the torch, also acts as a support for the wire feeder. The wire feeder is integrally mounted on the arm, this means that the torch always remains stretched up to the top of the arm with great gain in wire sliding even with 5m long torches and with Ø 0.8 wire. working range 9m

Balanced Arms Bigergo

This construction, compatible with all types of generators and wire feeders, was conceived and built with the aim of being able to combine production needs with those of hygiene, safety and ergonomics. The BigErgo balanced arm can be mounted either on a column bolted to the floor or on a wheeled platform on which the 250/500Kg wire drum can also be mounted, as well as other equipment such as a generator and aspirator. Our balanced arms are the best for welding large items on site. Working range from 12m to 20m and with all cables and hoses off the floor