Suction Torches

At the beginning proposing a torch with fume aspiration was the same thing as wanting to be kicked out in a bad way, then the tenacity and firm belief in the validity of the idea prevailed over prejudice, confirming itself as the only tool capable of harmonizing the needs of hygiene with the productive ones. Today, extraction torches are indispensable tools in general welding activities. In the first place because the fumes are aspirated at the origin, in all positions always and in any case before the breathing area, guaranteeing the best operational healthiness. Secondly because there is total aspiration of the fumes, without dispersion into the environment, with only 80-100 m3/h against the 2000 m3/h of traditional systems. So the ASPIRMIG Suction Torches, compliant with the requirements of the MTD (best technology available) foreseen by the Presidential Decree 59/2013 and with the EN ISO 21904-4 standard, have been developed to protect the health of the operators and at the same time to guarantee high economies for companies, revolutionizing the traditional systems welding fume extraction. The use of ASPIRMIG Suction Torches allows, thanks to the exclusive design, to create high pressure systems and to obtain the following advantages:

  • 90% reduction of the expelled air due to the low air flow rate (about 100 mc/h in the lit arc phase)
  • Savings in the construction of the system, which is made with Ø60-120 PVC pipes
  • Plant flexibility that is, it can always be modified and adapted to the needs of the moment.

Aspirmig line

Torcia ASP20 Aspirmig

The Aspirmig Suction Torches line consists of two model lines:

  • The line with dynamic air cooling 8 (20 versions), obtained thanks to the high speed of the suction flow (>54 m/s)
  • The water line (16 versions), with double cooling (cable, torch body, gas nozzle), which allows you to carry out heavy work cycles (Duty Cycle 100%).

BZ Compatible line

The line of BZ compatible suction torches consists of two model lines:
The line with dynamic air cooling (4 versions) where all the components of the welding part are the same available on the market, while the suction part is ASPIRMIG
The water-cooled line (2 versions) … same as above