Aspirmig Torches

From the outset, Aspirmig welding torches were designed to safeguard the health of operators and at the same time to ensure high savings for companies, revolutionizing traditional welding fume extraction systems.
The use of Aspirimig suction torches allows, thanks to the exclusive design, to create high-pressure systems and to obtain the following advantages:

  • 90% reduction of the expelled air due to the low air flow rate (about 100 m3/hour per torch in the lit arc phase);
  • Savings in the construction of the system, which is made with Ø60 polypropylene pipes;
  • Flexibility of the system, which can always be modified and adapted to suit the customer.

Aspirmig line

Torcia ASP20 Aspirmig

The Aspirmig suction torch line is divided into two model lines:

  • The air-cooled line, also called dynamic since it is obtained thanks to the high speed of the suction flow (>50 m/s);
  • The water line, with double cooling, which allows you to carry out long work cycles without any kind of problem.

BZ Compatible line

Our range of torches is also equipped with fully compatible models, both air and water, which mount the same spare parts available on the common market.