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Protecting health costs less than healing it

The true extraction of welding fumes is achieved only by applying the extraction directly and bound to the origin of the fumes themselves and today in the face of ever more stringent laws on Hygiene and Safety, the ASPIRMIG product line is the only sure answer to imperatives of the MTD standard (best available technology) for the capture of welding fumes at the source, guaranteeing Quality, Savings and Hygiene. The ASPIRMIG solutions now present in all the largest companies operating in the following sectors: earthmoving, shipbuilding, railway, military, industrial and automotive vehicles, are the only alternative to traditional systems, hoods and extraction arms, which do not always safeguard effectively the health of the welder, proving among other things uneconomical and impractical, especially in welding on site where, for their correct use, they must be constantly and correctly repositioned.
Our devices for the collection of gaseous effluents at source guarantee:

What do the numbers tell us?

With the ASPIRMIG suction torches you can have many advantages both from an operational point of view and from an economic point of view; in the first place the enormous saving on heating costs, as with traditional systems about 2000 m³/h are expelled per welding place instead of 80-120 m³/h with suction torches, moreover with the ASPIRMIG balanced arms they obtain advantageous effects in terms of a reduction of about 80% of torch maintenance costs as well as an increase of 10-15% of lit arc due to the reduction of discontinuities. Furthermore, there is also a decisive saving of the protective gas (about 20-30%) thanks to the application of our economizer valves (gas saver) and to the barrier effect constituted by the indirect suction cone, which has, thanks to the high airflow velocity (>54m/s), outstanding temperature dissipation capability in addition to liquid cooling.
Savings on heating costs for each welding station
Savings on maintenance costs
Increased business continuity
Savings in shielding gas

Welding with ASPIRMIG torch and welding with traditional torch without suction.

T.L.V. (threshold limit value) 

The ASPIRMIG fume capture system ensures, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO21904-4 standard, always and in all working positions a TLV which oscillates between 1.5 and 1.8 mg/mc  in the breathing area. It should also be considered that in Italy the maximum permitted limit is further reduced to 2.5 mg/m3  of air (zone of action). The ACGIH reference standard prescribes 5 mg/mc of air.

ACGIH 5mg/m3

2.5 mg/m3

Area of action

Aspirmig products

1.5 – 1.8 mg/m

Why choose Aspirmig

Step by step, throughout their development, the ASPIRMIG torches were subjected to conformity checks as well as resilience tests at the Italian Institute of Welding (IIS) which then issued the product certification. Also in collaboration with IIS and the Institute of Occupational Medicine, fluid dynamic tests (CFD) were carried out to determine the absence of fumes in the breathing area, also ascertaining that the shielding gas was not sucked in to guarantee excellent welding quality .
ASPIRMIG, with the introduction of the suction torch, has revolutionized the old concept of suction systems which expel enormous quantities of air outside (2000m3/h at 20°C continuously for each welding station) without however protecting the breathing area. With the suction torches the quantity of expelled air is reduced to 80/100 m3/h. This leads to great savings in terms of heating so much that, also considering the 10-15% increase, the total recovery of the investment is obtained 30/36 months at 8 hours a day. All this, thanks to the particular geometry of the torch collection head which creates a vacuum area off the joint so that the fumes are sucked in without creating porosity in the joint.
Health & safety
For companies, making safety needs coexist with production needs has always been a deeply felt need but technically always not feasible. Today with the ASPIRMIG suction torches this goal is automatically achieved. The suction torch guarantees the capture of the fumes in all positions and always before the breathing area. But that's not all, because as the suction is integrated into the torch itself, it makes it impossible to weld without suction. This is a decidedly important aspect because in addition to guaranteeing the company the use of protective devices, as far as welding is concerned, it creates a welcome serenity of conscience in the manager deriving from the certainty that everyone uses suction.
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