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Protecting health costs less than healing it

The Aspirmig suction technology, now present in all the largest companies operating in the following sectors: earth moving, shipbuilding, railway, military, industrial vehicles and automotive, is as the only alternative to traditional systems, hoods and suction arms, which do not always effectively safeguard the health of the welder, proving to be uneconomical and impractical, especially in welding on site where, for their correct use, they must be constantly and correctly repositioned.
Our devices for the collection of gaseous effluents at source guarantee:


The best statistics

With Aspirmig suction torches you can have many advantages both from a practical and from an economic point of view; first of all you can save a good 90% on heating costs, as with traditional systems the expelled air is about 2000 m³/h instead of 80-120 m³/h (per welding station), more with the structures ergonomic Aspirmig you can also save on maintenance costs, preventing damage from third parties (about 80%). Furthermore there is also a concrete saving of the shielding gas (about 20%) thanks to the indirect effect of the inspiration, which guarantees excellent cooling of the entire torch, which thanks to the high speed of the air flow has a 'exceptional heat dissipation capacity, in addition to water if desired.
Savings on heating costs for each welding station
Savings on maintenance costs
Increased business continuity
Savings in shielding gas

The difference with and without our ASPIRMIG suction torch is immediately visible.


The Aspirmig collection system ensures, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO21904-4 standard, always and in all working positions a TLV (Threshold Limit Value) which oscillates between 1.5 and 1.8 mg/m3 in the breathing area, keeping account that the maximum allowed limit is 2.5 mg/m3 of air (zone of action) in Italy. The ACGIH reference standard prescribes 5 mg/m3 of air.

ACGIH 5mg/m3

2.5 mg/m3

Area of action

Aspirmig products

1.5 – 1.8 mg/m


Why choose Aspirmig?

Our products are IIS certified and the processing results have been subjected to resilience tests, so as to guarantee excellent performance even at 100% work cycles.
Unlike traditional systems, extraction with Aspirmig torches is carried out at the source of the fumes (without causing damage to the weld pool), so that, for example, in the winter period when the work environments are heated to 20ºC, thanks to the low quantity of expelled air of about 80 mc*/h, it will be possible to find a high saving compared to traditional systems which on average expel 2000 mc*/h for each welding station.
Health & safety
What matters most to a company is the health of its operators, and our solutions solve this problem as the breathing zone of the welder is free from fumes, just as the surrounding environment remains clean.
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Our company is IIS certified.


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